Monday, October 5, 2009

Goolti gets featured on MSNBC Businessweek got featured on a Business Week article.

The name mentions on page 3 of the article and in the last para where they are talking about websites who are trying to bust the fraudulent Gooltis.

Here is the link


Laksha said...

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this feedback to create awareness among all those who are trying to find H1B sponsors.

Software Experts Group (SEG or SEGICorp) is a fraudulent software consultancy, operating out of Woodbridge, New Jersey. They may change their physical location, even company website but please be aware that they are in the market only to grab hard earned money from others.

They have taken money from around 65 people during the year 2009 and promised them to file H1B visas.
The amount they took varied from $2000 - $3500 from people in US and Rs 1 lac to 2 lacs from people in India.
They sent the applications to USCIS, but all checks bounced as they didn't have money in their account. They kept the applicants in the dark for more than 6 months by refusing to give receipt numbers. Only when few of the applicants went to USCIS local offices to inquire, the truth was revealed.
Now that the quota for 2009-2010 has reached, SEG has clearly stolen the hard earned money from the 65 applicants. They are still working out of New Jersey and will continue their nasty business for years to come.
So all those who are in India or in US, please beware of Software Experts Group. They may try to convince you with sweet words but remember that they are never going to sponsor your H1B. Probably, they escaped in the past few years as they were hiding behind the name of H1B lottery. But this year, their true colors have come out.

The Name of the Director:-
Rupali Mahajan
Software Experts Group Inc,
1 Woodbridge Center 235
Woodbridge NJ 07095

Sangeetha said...

Check out the more information news about Business Week at