Thursday, December 28, 2006 - A New Venture to help desi folks make better decisions by reviewing desi consultancy companies


Subsequent to the launch of the website I've launched this blog which will track the latest developments with the website. I will use this also as a mechanism to interact with readers and users of the site. has a simple aim of reviewing Desi consultancy firms operating in the US so that IT professionals can have complete information of these Desi consultants before they can make a decision to join them.

At you can write a review for the consultant you have worked for or answer a question put up by IT professionals like you who are seeking more information on the desi consultant they are planning to join.

This will simply empower all the IT professionals of the desi consultants operating history and help in putting an end to all the harassment which they are subjected to in terms of H1B transfers/filings, rigging of paychecks and several other problems, if any.

I appeal to you that if you've ever worked for a Desi consultant please write your review about it on the site.