Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now you can email the people posting opinions on the forum's undergone its spring season upgrade.

The upgrade now makes it possible for people posting on the forum to tag their email addresses along with their posts/questions. If others are interested to talk to you further on your opinions or question they can now pick your email addresses and mail you directly.

I believe this will be immensely helpful for people who want to desperately talk directly to someone who has already worked for the particular Goolti (Desi consultant) company or knows quite a bit about the company.

I've received several emails from users to provide email addresses of the people who posted their opinions on the forum. This is an upgrade to help such users out.

The spring season will see several more upgrades to which will increase the usability and the user friendliness of the site. Stay tuned.

P.S. - To protect the email addresses of the users from falling into the hands of the spammers the email addresses are not directly published on the site.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Avoiding the Login

I have been consistently being told via user emails that one of the first things I should do it get users to login into the site. Several times I myself feel that thats the way to go.

Disgruntled employees from a Goolti (desi consulting) companies will time and again try to impersonate as someone else and keep slandering the company and its Management. Up till now I've been continuously monitoring and mentoring the forum to detect these slandering and defaming posts and deleting them promptly.

I agree that getting users to login will enable be to determine and restrict these posts. However, I don't see how will it stop such attacks totally. If someone wants to defame some company he/she can open a fake email account and start posting under impersonating names. Given this fact there is absolutely no need to let the users create a login id on the site.

I guess the best way to keep the forum clean from anti-social elements is to keep moderating it affectively. And I guess I am doing that.

I would like to know what the users think of this. After all if majority of the users express their desire for a login I will uphold their demands and enhance the site for login functionality.