Sunday, February 10, 2008

"This company sucks. Avoid them" - Such posts will not be tolerated

I get more than 20-30 posts everyday for approval. Many of them have only one liners in them.

Something like "This company sucks. Please avoid them". This kind of a post does not give anybody any idea as to what is wrong with the consulting company. There is no detail regarding why the company is bad. Since its not of much help to the readers I'm not going to allow such posts to get through approval.

If you really want to help the readers please write a post with some amount of detail as to why a company is good or bad.

Half baked posts without a tinge of detail will not be allowed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lawsuit threat from Vision Systems

Yet another lawsuit threat, this time from Vision systems. I observed that the firm Herten, Burstein,Sheridan,Cevasco,Bottineli,Litt & Harz LLC is sending me a C&D for the third time. Last two times the notices were from some other companies. It seems that this law firm is not doing well since it has no other work than accepting clients who want to threaten people from free speech.

You can see the lawsuit copy here