Sunday, January 7, 2007

List of companies to be avoided - blog.

Somebody sent me a list of the goolti companies to be avoided if you want some peace of mind.
I am pasting them as it is as I received from the mail.

Remember this is just a mail I received from someone. So authenticity is always under question. But I believe information shouldn't be restricted. So here it is:

3. Ajay International
6. Inteliant Technologies (santa clara)
7. EBS Inc in falls church, VA
8. Friendly Consultants Inc.,
11. enterprise software solutions
12. Indusa Technical Corp
13. Global IT in Chicago and Irving, TX
14. SolutionNet
15. Marlabs
16. EBSInc
18. RK Techinal Services
19. InforSpan or EBS
20. Igate Mastech
21. "Glob" is in chicago
23. RK Technical Services
24. Satyam
25. BCC USA Inc, NJ
27. VakTech Corp LLC, New Jersy
28. bay area based Alphasoft
29. PTSI/CSSI San Francisco
30.Vision Systems Group
31. ECRM Labs
32. Mar Labs
33. Makro Technologies
34. VLS Systems
35.ACE Technologies
36. Compunnel
37. Object Soft - Great Jay Talluri
38. Hall Mark Global - Delaware operation - Great Jay Talluri
39. Cambridge Resource Group
40. PK Global
41. Ace Technologies,
42. GSS America. They place full page ads in
43. PK Global -> Owned By Ram Madiraju
44. Supreme Soft, Inc.
45. Infobizz
46. Premier IT Solutions
47. Innovatek Inc
49. Techlogix
51. ClearLogic Systems
52. Idolasystems
54. Company Name = RHT InfoWay, Inc
website =
56. Magna Infotech Ltd
57.BrilliantSoft Solutions Inc and $1500 Fees for Training 500 extra)
59.indian business analyst !!! ( company name??)
60.Leading C
61.ADVANSOFT INTERNATIONAL INC( Lot of Ads on University Groups for Freshers)
62. Abacus Software Technologies ( Promise to pay 75k for Fresh MS Graduates)
63.Millennium Consultants
64. Edge Technologies Parsippany NJ
65) US info ssytems of MS,LLC
66) metasense,NJ
67) neo-concepts,MI


Itsme said...

I don't think this is authentic. I know many good companies in this list.

Harshal said...

Could you please let me know youe email so that we can sort out which are the better ones. Also, if you wish you can write a review on the site so that the people don't get misled with non-authentic information.

Please note that I have mentioned in my blog post that the information is non-authentic.

Khaitan said...

Yeah you have listed around 70 companies.. god i can't work for all of them in a life time.. second chance is your friends have worked for a couple of them.. does the list has to go to 70.. I believe you posted any damn company you know of....

Harshal said...

Please note that this was a mail which was forwarded to me. I have not made this list myself.

Sandeep Rudrawar said...

This was posted on one of the orkut community I read. Things doesnt clear up. Somebody needs to find this out.

rajesh said...

Real Technologies USA Inc. is New Ajay International add this to the list

rajesh said...

regarding Software Experts Group Inc

dinesh said...

They are not 'companies' .They are fucking body shoppers that too nth grade, low quality.

They don't make products,they don't pay salaries,they just live on the salaries on their 'consultants'.Fucking parasites.

What is with this 'gulti' fucktards.

Adi said...

Can somebody comment on "SHUBH SOLUTIONS, SAN DIEGO" please ? It is in this list but not sure how they are

please reply ASAP

newrise10 said...

Can someone please give me a list of good consultants in nj/ny for project management and business analyst spots?

LOKESH said...

can someone please gimme a list of good consultancies for business analyst in NJ/Dallas/Chicago? I appreciate your replies.

Ingenious said...

I earnestly appeal everyone not to believe this information circulated because practically speaking I know few companies in this list which provides gainful employment to consultants in USA and helps them settle them in US. I agree the opinion differs from person to person based on his experience while dealing with these companies but most of the times these type of propaganda is broadcasted by people who are disappointed and insatiable due to there own fault finding demeanor.

shamrez said...

Most of the companies mentioned in this list are correctly mentioned as bad companies. I have been suffering at the hands of my employer for the last 2 years but couldn't leave him fearing that my GC process would be jeopardized. I have been looking for a good employer for the last 2 years (just in case i have to leave my current employer, i should have a company to go to) and during this time, I have literally (re)searched uncountable H1 desi companies. I researched through different channels, through friends, through friends of friends, by directly calling and talking to the people at these companies, etc. My experience tells me most of the companies in this list are really bad companies who do not pay salaries on time and are involved in fraudulent activities. Just my 2 cents! I have nothing personal against any company. I am just sharing my experience so please don't flame me for these comments.

Niraj said...

Good job Harshal. I have suffered a lot due to SS Consultant Net and I am sure the other names are rightly mentioned too. Please never get H1B sponsored through them.

divvi said...

Shubh solutions(San Diego, CA) is my current petitioner who has got my I-797 approved and has been holding it. he is not exposing any information to me including my I-94.
Even he did not informed me regarding my H1 approval. I had to call him so many times.
Now He is not having any client for me, so he is threatening me for the money to run my pay stub for October. When I denied to give money, he asked me to revoke my H1.
Even when I asked him to give my I-797 approval and my legal I-94 than he is deniding to give any of them.

Shubh Solutions(From San Diego, CA) is most blunder consultant I ever seen. I would say do not prefer this consultant for your career. He will pull you in trouble in each & every step.

Brij said...

I agree shubh solution in san diego is the worst. They asked me to pay for 1500 every month to stay on H1 and threatened to revoke H1 if i didnt. They didnt give my I-797a which is our legal right. The preson name kesava (keshav) of shubh solution is most unethical person i have ever seen

Madhu said...

Could you please anyone to tell about Inteliant Technologies(Santa Clara)?

rekha said...

I heard that Briji never had H1B with Shubh Solutions. He is Qualcomm fulltime employee taking money from competeters and writing blogs about the companies.
Can he prove that he applied for H1B with Shubh Solutions?

rekha said...

Divya, I saw a copy of your resignation letter sent to Kesava on 09/23/09. You have to understand that employer not required to give H1B approval notice untill emploee starts working with them. How can you ask company to give the appoval notice stating that you dont want to join and want to go for higher education. I know you are trying to blam the company for no reason.

Suresh said...

Harshal, you should have checked if the companies are really gulti or not before naming them as gulti firms.

Gulti is usually Andhra guy.

Igate, cyberthink, ace technologies, millennium consultants, marlabs, Solutionsnet and some others are not Gulti companies.

Please stop this gulti bashing and make an informed decision before going to such firms.

Suresh said...

Harshal, you should have checked if the companies are really gulti or not before naming them as gulti firms.

Gulti is usually Andhra guy.

Igate, cyberthink, ace technologies, millennium consultants, marlabs, Solutionsnet and some others are not Gulti companies.

Please stop this gulti bashing and make an informed decision before going to such firms.

varsee said...

hey harshal,
I am a fresher and am looking forward to being trained by Sansa technologies( for QA.Can you please advice me on this so that i can avoid any sort of mishap soon.
thank you,

selvakumar said...

Avoid Michigan based company. they will not search you project. i came to US with L1 and change H1 to this company. initially haven't given my I797 document. when i asked they told it is in India. So i went to India immediately to get my i797. and they Cancelled my Health insurance immediate next day on my first project complete. now i am in third project still not they haven't given my the Health insurence. finially i ask cancel my Health insurance and to create the Amount as part of salary. i am have private insurance.
Rajan in guy, he always used to threaten me by telling revoking my H1b to make his work done.

Another one is pay-stub will not be correct. we need to see very carefully on month which is generated.

nishu said...

please let me know about biotech consultants in sandiego area, if anyone have any idea about this...

jhoney142 said...

Gss America is a one of the fastest growing IT Consulting and Software Development company.I was surprised when i saw this rumor about this company. I am working with this company from last 6 years till now i didn't face any problems with this company and they are paying every year double the salary also. Some people think negatively and creating the rumors like this about the company. My advise is its a best company to join and it provides the employee safetly also.

jakkevin123 said...

GSS America is an IT service and Business Process Optimization service provider headquartered in Hyderabad, India and offices across the US and Middle East. It was established in the year 1999 with an aim to meet the increasing demands of businesses in maintenance and application development. GSS America has become one of the fastest growing Information Technology companies in India, with specialization in Collaborative Virtual Enterprise. Its global footprints can be clearly seen as it has been featured in the Forbes list of middle and small sized companies. Some of the GSS America Infrastructure Management Services

Ms.Vaani said...

Hello everybody...Idealy never prefer Indian Consultant for US Jobs..They all are sophisticated thief. Recently my brother faced very bad experience with "Subh Solutions" from San Diego. I heared from many about this consultant and he is having much bad reputation outside. I think sysintelli from San diego is good person. He is much loyal and if you will ask he will also return your H1b Documents. Plus He is having very good Projects.

Rahul Sinde said...

I am finding H1 consultants in san diego area & reached to this site. I talked with Subh solutions ppl but found them rude and money demanding. Got too much frustrated by these type of consultants. Could anyone please suggest me any other consultants in san diego for H1???

DEV said...
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DEV said...

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sakthi said...

Hi harshal,
Can i have ur contact num or mail id...i jus wanna talk to id s

JAIMIN said...

Hey Everyone...I need to knw abt EBS INC- Enterprise Business Solution INC, VA ..Is this one is good?

JAIMIN said...

Hi Everyone....I need to knw abt Enterprise Business Solution INC, VA Is it good one, If anyone from u hv idea abt EBS INc ?

anupama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rupal said...

Hi guys.. I really need to join a good IT consultancy in NY/NJ area? I have done my Master in Electrical Engineering. Please anyone with good experience respond to my comment. After reading to all these, I am almost depressed!!!


Xavi said...

Add US Software Coporation,IL. It is small company, but big fraud

Rocky said...


Any idea about Sumas corp in Edison,NJ?

Rocky said...

Guys any idea about Sumas Corp,Edison NJ...

chann said...

Can i know view about skolix
consultants. How they are?

jas said...

I did my electrical engineering from india.can anyone tell me good consultant in this field

RAJ said...

this is a crap list rather then giving list of bad company give a list of good company ..... positive attitute is better then complaining

Ritu Uniyal said...

Can you add Newyorksys ( the list.The address they have mentioned in the website doesn't actually exist (we visited the office) It is private property where nobody lives.
I have got so many other proof that they are fraud.

Prakash Gurung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prakash gurung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prakash gurung said...

can anybody tell me anything about prospects infosys inc

Victim of gooli frauds said...

You can add Train and Place It solutions, san jose to this list too.. They are 1st class frauds.. Krishna , Ben , Kim Reks and Phani Reks..

Jaya Shree said...


Pls dont believe the words of Link Management solutions(lms). They r expecting money only from us the things what they r telling is absolutelly fake. Myself from Chennai really I experienced this. If u dont believe contact me at - 740134811

Jaya Shree said...


Pls dont believe the words of Link Management solutions(lms). They r expecting money only from us the things what they r telling is absolutelly fake. Myself from Chennai really I experienced this. If u dont believe contact me at - 740134811

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